The mission of SaveHeroes.Org are pretty simple. To force Ubisoft to allow more time to Nival so that Heroes 5 is released fully, and not in a half-baked manner.

This is not to say that Heroes 5 is not without its merits. It most certainly is. New and innovative features like Ghost Mode show that this game has a veritable smorgasborg of potential. The 3D environment is beautiful. Towns and creatures look outstanding. This game has the potential to be game of the year, hands down.

There are issues that we feel need to be addressed however. The main points we are stressing are:

  1. Details about the positives of a completed game
  2. A concensual time requested
  3. Concensual list of what must be in the game to prevent it from failing miserably.
  4. Continuing existence of the Heroes series, and preserving its venerable reputation
  5. Maintaining such a dedicated and loyal fan-base

And now specifics

Details about the positives of a completed game

A completed game not only shows the players that a company (Ubisoft) is willing to do what it takes to satisfy its customers, but also generates dedication, loyalty, and repeat business. Releasing Heroes 5 in an uncompleted state by not including some of the main features we have come to expect from the earlier titles on release would be extremely detrimental to both the loyalty of the fans as well as the series altogether.

We, as a community, do not want to wait for a multitude of patches and expansions to have something that should have ben in the game to begin with. This is what happened with Heroes 4, and that game is widely accepted, even by its supporters, as the ‘black sheep’ of the series.

Also, a complete game on release means more time to work on new ideas or features for expansions, and less time required for patches and updates. This in turn means more content for the fans and players, and more revenue over the long term for the company.

Concensual Date of Release

All those involved with SaveHeroes.Org agree that allowing Nival more time to develop the game is a requirement. While not all agree on what date to set for the new release, all agree that at least a month is necessary, and two or three months is preferred.

Concensual List of Features Required

This is a short list, because while we want a complete game, we all know that a perfect game is unrealistic.

  1. AI - While this goes without saying, an inefficient AI results in a low rated, unpopular and disappointing game
  2. Map Editor - While there is some debate between SP and MP maps, there is no debate at all that a map editor MUST be included.
  3. Single Player Campaigns - These must be polished and quality must be extremely high. The game WILL fail otherwise
  4. Multi Player - This is how the game survives. In the past, it was not so much, but in these days of Counter-Strike, Warcraft, and MMO’s, multi-player, and making sure it works is an absolute must.
  5. Multi Player Modes - Specifically, Ghost Mode, and to a lesser extent, simultaneous turns must be included, otherwise the multi-player portion of the game will go stale very quickly

Continuing existence of the Heroes series

If Heroes 5 bombs like Heroes 4 did, then Heroes of Might and Magic is dead. The fans and the HoMMunity will not stand for another Heroes 4 debacle. Heroes 5 is the rebirth of the series, and its success is paramount to the longevity of the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Our wish is to have a Heroes 6, 7, 8 and beyond, each with expansion packs. Also, with the success of Heroes of Might and Magic 5, it is to be expected that a new series of Might and Magic RPG’s will be in production, if they are not already.

The success of any additional Might and Magic titles hinges almost entirely on the success of Heroes 5.

Maintaining such a dedicated and loyal fan-base

The Fans were outraged with the debacle that was Heroes IV. Keeping the fans as fans is almost fully credited to the Wake of Gods and Equilibris teams. If Heroes 5 is released the way Heroes IV was, there will be no chance at redemption. Heroes IV created an obstacle. With Heroes V, it will be a brick wall

To maintain the dedication and loyalty of the fans, Ubisoft MUST release a complete game. The fans will be more loyal and dedicated with a full game. This will in turn lead to more games in the series, which will lead to more loyalty, and the circle continues. Sure, this is simplified, but this is basically how it works.

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